Definition of Healthcare Sharing:

Key Principles of Healthcare sharing

  1. Members share voluntarily
  2. No guarantee or promise to pay member’s bills
  3. It is NOT health insurance
  4. Members are notified of how funds they share are utilized
Definition of Primary Responsibility Amount

Primary Responsibility Amount or PRA means the amount a HOUSEHOLD must pay towards their own Eligible medical bills before the members eligible medical bills can be published and shared by other Impact members.

What is a Pre-Existing Condition

Pre-Existing conditions are conditions in which treatment, symptoms or diagnosis occurred within 36 months prior to membership.

How Does it work?

Healthcare Sharing is purely Voluntary arrangement and is NOT insurance.

Can you Change your PRA?

A member can change their PRA amount on the anniversary of the Membership Date. (each year)

Maternity is Sharable

Maternity is eligible for sharing up to $150,000 for any single pregnancy event, to include antepartum care, the cost of delivery, and complications to the mother and/or child(ren) and postpartum care. Mothers must be a member for at least 12 months before the maternity (birth) event will be eligible for sharing. Impact does not share abortifacients with its members. (All of the above)

Healthcare sharing is Transparent and Honest

Healthcare sharing organizations are required to “publish” sharing activities to members to comply; therefore, members will be notified when a portion of their account is being matched, transferred from their account, or transferred to their account. (All the Above)

Are their lifetime limits?

There are NO lifetime sharing limits for Impact Members.

What Networks can we use?

There are no Network restrictions to Impact Members, and members can pick their doctors or facilities.

Are RX amounts included in Healthcare Sharing?

The sharable amount for prescription drugs is limited to $1200 per member per membership year after the PRA has been met.

What is an Eligible Medical Bill?

Eligible Medical bills meet the criteria for sharing as established in the Impact Guidelines.

What beliefs does The System Healthcare & IHS have?

Impact Statement of Belief & Ethics states we have a moral and ethical obligation to assist others in need. WE believe it’s our ethical duty to one another to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods, behaviors, habits, or any choices and activities that result in sickness and disease in ourselves or others. Our rights and liberties originate from God and are bestowed by God, but we have NO religious affiliations requirements.

Can we appeal or question sharing?

A Member can appeal bill sharing for these reasons (All of the above)

  1. Medical records were misread
  2. Guidelines were misapplied
  3. Member’s providers incorrectly recorded the medical history
Is your group in all 50 States?

Currently Impact is available for residents in 47 states.

Can we include alternative care in sharing?

50 Combined visits are eligible for sharing for Chiropractic, Cardiac Rehab, Physical/Occupational/Speech/Respiratory Therapy visits eligible for sharing for each year of membership.

Are there annual limits?

Each member has an annual sharing limit of $500,000.

Does the price increase yearly?

Impact Membership may increase by a small amount each year based on your age.

Can Seniors work with our healthcare sharing?

There is a membership option for Impact Member who are 65 years and older who have Medicare Parts A and B for an individual membership with a Primary Responsibility Amount of $1000, no pre-existing conditions apply.

Are there sharing limitations for a new member?

There is a sharing limit for members within the first 60 days of membership (excluding pre-existing conditions) is $50,000.

How is the monthly sharing calculated?

Impact monthly share amount is calculated based on the age of the OLDEST MEMBER in the HOUSEHOLD, the number of people applying (1,2, or 3 or more) and choice of Primary Responsibility Amount.

Can Impact work with Employers?

Impact does offer a group billing option for employers of 49 employees or less.

Can I smoke or vape or chew tobacco and be a member?

Tobacco users are eligible for membership with a $50 monthly fee per tobacco user including sharing limitation after the age 50.

If I am overweight, does it cost more to be a member?

People who are at a certain BMI (40 or above) there is an additional $125 fees.

Are wellness visits eligible for sharing?

Wellness Visits/Screen tests are eligible for sharing with limitations.

When can we share pre-existing conditions?

A Pre-Existing Medical Condition is eligible for sharing after the condition has gone 36 consecutive months without treatment, symptoms, or diagnosis.

Can my unmarried children be on our family membership?

Unmarried children may stay on a family members until they are 26 years old or married.